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We are a property developer delivering small to medium scale residential and commercial developments in the south east of the UK.

Our focus is predominantly on permitted development schemes to convert existing buildings into quality housing and commercial properties.

We believe that property development in the UK presents a unique opportunity for us to create and add value.  We are committed to using property development as a vehicle to improve the built environment, and deliver buildings that stand the test of time.

Why Prulo?

How are we different to other developers?

To us, development is not just about how we can improve a property or a site that maybe run down, unused, or just ready for change for maximum return on investment.  It is about delivering schemes that will be functional, architecturally pleasing and valuable to local communities long into the future. 

How do we do this?  We make informed decisions on material choices so our schemes “age well”, and also select sustainable procurement strategies and build methods to minimise environmental impact and on-going maintenance needs.  We endeavour to look at the potential future use of a scheme beyond our initial end user, and are conscious of the long term socioeconomic value a site can have on a local community.

When getting the balance of these points right, we believe schemes can be delivered that stand the test of time, and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Risk mitigation is an important part of what we do, and even more crucial given the current economic climate.  This is why we predominantly focus on working within permitted development rights to reduce planning risks, and are conscious of following the local plan directives.

Every project is different, and we understand our approach to a project involving heavy refurbishment works has to be different to that of a new build scheme.  This is why we enlist the support of advisors with a wealth of industry experience and a skilled professional team that are fit for the project demands, to help us deliver projects to the required quality, budget and timescale.

Our Story

Aware of the growing requirement for housing in the UK and the Government’s reform of the planning system in 2020, we realised there was a unique opportunity to utilise our skills and experiences in construction, property and business to deliver new private residential and commercial developments.

Prulo Developments was founded in 2022 with the specific aim to convert existing building stock and sites, that maybe empty, out of use or with an opportunity to re-purpose and add value.

With our background in construction, property and business we not only understand the technical challenges in development, but above all appreciate the importance of good communication, collaboration and team environment when it comes to project success.  


Our Aim And Vision​

We are proud to be a private developer with a personable approach to business, and strive to add value to not only our development sites, but our relationships too.  Our vision is to deliver properties that stand the test of time.  To do this, our schemes strive to improve the built environment, that incorporate good design principles and benefit local communities. 

Core Values

Win/Win approach to business; deals must benefit both sides.

Honesty and Integrity: If a deal isn't right for us, we will be honest from the start.

Solutions provider: Problem solver and solution based thinking. If we can’t help you, we will either know or will try to find someone who can.

Add Value: Improve all relationships and schemes we are involved in.

Flexibility: Not being afraid to change course or pivot to overcome challenges and do what is right.

Our team

We work with a professional team with experience across a wide range of disciplines, including planning, cost control, accounting, architectural design, structural design, mechanical and electrical engineering.  Having a professional team onboard is key to the success of every one of our projects, and is vital when delivering best practices to safely maximise the quality and value of each scheme.

As well as a professional team, we collaborate with non-executive advisors with experience in all aspects of development, construction and property to further support project success.

James Healey, BSc Hons

Founder and Director

James founded Prulo Developments with Lizzie following a career in construction spanning over 14 years working specifically with and on behalf of small to medium sized building contractors in London and South East UK.  

His roles have primarily been in the commercial management acting as a project Quantity Surveyor on a number of construction projects, and recently operating as service provider for sub-contractors on various pre and construction stage activities.

James has helped to deliver many development schemes working on both new builds and complex “cut and carve” refurbishments/re-purposing of existing buildings.  All valuable experience now channelled into to the directorship role at Prulo.

Outside his corporate career, James has also been active in property investment and operated as a private landlord since 2015, growing a small portfolio of Buy To Let properties in the South East and North East of the UK, which has included light and heavy refurbishment works.  

James recognises that the property and business environments are always changing, and continues to invest in his personal and professional development and be a part of business and property networks to stay up to date.

In his spare time, James loves comedy club’s in London, keeping fit with HIIT workouts and playing guitar.

Lizzie Worthington

Founder and Director

Lizzie enters the world of property development with many transferrable skills from her corporate and business career; having been a successful managing recruitment consultant for a leading agency in London for 6+ years, and after that setting up a successful recruitment company.  

Lizzie has developed a wide range of skills, including astute commercial awareness,  a personable approach to business and extensive knowledge in marketing strategies.  All of which are a benefit to Prulo.

Lizzie decided to found Prulo Developments with James following a love for interior design and interest in property investment, that has developed over many years.  Lizzie’s favourite part of the process is making sure the end product is right for the ultimate user, and highly valuable when offered onto the market.  

In addition, Lizzie shared James’ thoughts that there was an opportunity in the property industry following the recent planning legislation changes, and the timing was right execute on the company’s aim to add value to local communities as a private developer.

In her spare time, Lizzie loves cooking all types of cuisines, long walks in and outside of London and is always on the look out for interior design ideas and inspiration.


Case Studies

James Healey, Director

Project Description: 32-42 Buckingham Place Road, London
Commercial to Mixed Use Development, Office and Retail into 23 Affordable Housing Apartments and 5 Retail Units.

James Role: Project Quantity Surveyor for Forcia Limited (Main Contractor)
Building Owner: The Grosvenor Estate
Project Duration: 2 Years
Project Value (Construction Value): £8.5m

Project Description: 224-226 Kings Road, London - Commercial to Mixed Use Development, Offices to 7 High End Residential Apartments and 2 Retail Units.

James Role: Project Quantity Surveyor for Forcia Limited (Main Contractor)
Building Owner: Cadogan Estates
Project Duration: 2.5 Years (James Involvement 2 years)
Project Value (Construction Value): £8m

Project Description: Project Descriptions: College Road, Deal, Kent - 16 New Build Homes and Salisbury Mews - 20 New Build Homes

James Role: Quantity Surveyor for Coombs Canterbury Limited (Main Contractor)
Building Owner: Sanctuary Group
Project Duration: 2 Years respectively
Project Value (Construction Value): £2m each

Project Description: Sir Frances Holland School
Existing school building remodeling and refurbishment

James Role: Project Quantity Surveyor for Forcia Limited (Main Contractor)
Building Owner: The Grosvenor Estate
Client: Francis Holland School
Project Duration: 18 months
Project Value (Construction Value): £1.5m


“Most projects we consider fall within the £1m to £5m GDV range and are most commonly residential new builds, or commercial or industrial conversions.”

“We focus on locations in South East UK and London.  Specifically including Canterbury and surrounding areas in Kent, and outer London areas where Lizzie and I have lived and worked for many years.”

“We consider residential and commercial properties, and if they particularly fall within the permitted develop right parameters.  These can include commercial units in industrial areas or shops and offices on the high street that are right for conversion into residential.  We look at delivering products from medium to high end, to meet the market demand.”

“We usually look to fund our projects with a mixture of our own funds plus third party funding from our panel of private investors and commercial lenders, as necessary.  One Prulo’s main aims is to add value, and we can add value to investor’s funds through property development”.

“We are always on the look out for properties, and encourage any property owners, landlords, business owners or private individuals to get in touch with us if you have or know someone who has property or land for sale or with opportunity for development.  Prulo are here to help, and if we can’t help or a opportunity is not in-keeping with our model, we will help to find someone who can help”.

“We are passionate about sharing our development opportunities with private investors, as we know how property can generate returns on funds like no other investment vehicle; certainly better than the banks!  We therefore welcome any new investors, whether sophisticated or not, and learn about what we do and the opportunities we can offer through for great returns on funds invested.”

Prulo embodies the business and construction experiences of James and Lizzie, which combined spans 20+ years.  In addition, Prulo operates with the support and leverages the advice of a professional team, with property and construction industry experience of 100+ years combined!   

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